underwater scene
Underwater Scene from  Photoshop the Art of Clipart
  • In just a FEW HOURS you will be able to produce AMAZING clipart that you can use with any media. NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED.The course takes you from the very basics even if it is your first use of Photoshop, you require only minimal drawing skills and you don’t have to be an artist.
  • Are you a start up Web business, start up games designer, teacher , art student, you should take this course.
  • You should take this course if.
  • You want to create your own clipart or logo and own the copyright.
    You want to create your own style of clipart.
    You want to create clipart to sell (after all you will own the copyright).
    You are an educator and you want to use clipart as part of your lectures but can’t find the images you need.
    You are a website designer or app developer and you want to create your own logo.
    Your business needs clipart for repeatable printed items but you just can’t find what you want or there are to many restrictions on use of purchased clipart.
    This course will quickly get you up and running with.
    Setting up the Photoshop workspace and understanding the menus.
    Use of the tools required to producing clipart.
    The pen tool.
    The direct selection tool.
    The shape tool.
    The Paint bucket tool
    Constructing your first clipart.
    Applying effects such as colours, gradients, stroke, shadow and bevel to the clipart image.
    Saving the clipart image and reducing the file size for use in your media.
    Extras include an underwater clipart scene with a background and several sea creatures (with full psd files) and an amazing treasure chest.
  • Come and join the course and get started, you will have great fun along the way and a sense of achievement at the end.